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1.13.22 Natalie Playground OOTD 3.jpg
6.17.21 Natalie _Kiddie Pool Pinup_ 10.jpg
Abi Nielsen _Androgynous Cold Shoulder_ Styled Shoot 6.29.21 24.jpg
8.22.21 Rebecca Eromosele Birthday Shoot! 8.jpg
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(that's me!)

opia glow...?


what the *BLANK* does opia even mean?!?

fun fact, 'opia' is the intensity of eye contact! listen, i get it; eye contact can be scary and getting your picture taken can feel weirdly vulnerable... BUT! it can also be SUPER FUN and really freaking liberating! think about all those times you've stared fear in the face and come out STRONGER and BETTER??


that's what eye contact means to me - being FIERCE, BOLD, and YOU!












i'm a weird combination of FASHION and COUPLES photographer...crazy, right? uh YEAHH, crazy AWESOME!! it's awesome because it means i *live* for the wild, eclectic couple, or the funky, out-there brand. i'm *all* about capturing the beauty in the REAL! does your dream outfit involve wearing leopard print combat boots, a bright orange dress, and a GUCCI amount of layers?? more like dream YASSSS! do you want to find your inner model and/or grab your partner's booty (with consent, obviously)? OMG, those are two of my FAVORITE THINGS - what are the odds?!

9.17.21 DAISY + AARON! 354.jpg

Hiiii friends!!  my name is natalie, i'm a  utah based photographer who  loooooves to capture the real people behind those fake camera smiles - lets laugh, cry, and  dance together already!!!!!


i don't like the idea that 'moody' and 'playful' HAVE to be mutually exclusive - we're multifaceted human beings and i wanna capture alllllll those amazing complexities. let's get dramatic one minute (vogue. it. out!), then have a tickle fight the next!!

Anna Elnunu _Blooming Outside the Box_ 5.10.21 36.jpg
Mark + Caroline 5.1.21 109.jpg
Ashley Coombs _Fairy Boho Bride_ 6.9.21 33.jpg
summer + sasha.jpg
7.5.21 Corinne Spacey Mirror Shoot 13.jpg
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believe me, we *Will* be working with Natalie again. I consider her a friend after all the amazing work she put in to our pictures and into our lives. she’s definitely one of a kind.

-julie + jay

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so, who IS natalie??

-i'm an extroverted ENFJ, type seven (enneagram for the win!), who LOVES a good podcast

-i'm a chronic thrifter with the worst (aka BEST) dance moves you've everrrrr seen (prepare to see them at your session!)

-i'm a wife + mama to the best boys on the freakin PLANET

-i'm a lover of fashion, david bowie, and living life LOUD + PROUD!!

wanna know more!?

2.17.22 Pastel Driveway 2.jpg
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12.16.21 Aliyah Clark 69.jpg
Jazmyn + Tyler 5.22.21 147.jpg

ohh yeah,

you ready

to make some

magic already???

Mark + Caroline 6.12.21 105.jpg
2.10.22 Tanner Gillman _Harry Styles at the beach_ 58.jpg

(click me!)

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