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get to know ya girl,

Natalie Solomon!

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oh heyyyyy friend (we're friends now by the way!),


the name's natalie, and i'm a utah based fashion, couples, + elopement photographer who friggin loves her job! i'm all about capturing the loud, vibrant, REAL part of people - i totally believe everyone was put on earth for a unique purpose, so my goal is to capture you at your most YOU, not who the world/society/internet thinks you should be! lgbtq+? you're amazing! size 00? you're amazing!! size 30? you're amazing!!! (sensing a pattern?) no matter who you are, you're amazing and i want to capture your unique awesomeness!

if you want a photographer who will quietly take pictures of you without saying a word (and will probably make you feel super awkward), then #sorrynotsorry ...i'm not your girl ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


if we work together, i'm DEFINITELY going to end up screaming "yass queen!" during your shoot - i'll go above and beyond to make you feel suuuper comfortable and beautiful from start to finish. oh, AND you'll probably get to see my incredibly goofy dance moves. goofy is my jam.

are you pickin up what i'm puttin down? you vibin with my message of love and inclusivity (and bad dancing)? then what're you waiting for? HIT ME UP ALREADY!!! i'm based in utah but i looove to travel - let's hang out so i can help you feel like your best, most authentic self!

Xx - Natalie

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Natalie was the perfect photographer! she was so much fun to work with, we never worried about how our photos would turn out. the quality of the photos was amazing, and we keep getting compliments on them. i would absolutely recommend Natalie to any friend looking for a photographer!
-madelyn + nate

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